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About Sembada Pratama


SEMBADA PRATAMA, The 1st School of Supply Chain and Logistics in Indonesia was established on October 10, 2010 . The School was founded by the Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI) and fulfills the local industry’s need for supply chain and logistics education, information and best practices.

The School delivers executive and professional education, industry forums, research initiatives, custom programs, global partnerships, corporate audits, and more.

Sembada's supply chain management and logistics programs provide the only 'hands-on' training and certification and is the first in the country to offer such. Each year, hundreds of students and executives participate in top-ranked educational programs, cutting-edge research, and industry forums. Through extensive relationships with industry, we have learned that firms want a single resource to offer a comprehensive menu of supply chain programs—in education, research, and consultative problem solving. Just as important, they are hungry to learn more about the global aspects of supply chain management. Sembada Pratama took action to meet those needs.

As we make the transition from a nationally ranked program to a world-class resource for global supply chain expertise, we invite you to learn more about our comprehensive offerings.

Why Choose Us?

Our program will give you the skills and knowledge that you need to launch a successful career in supply chain and logistics management. Building upon your previous experience and/or education, this program will provide an intensive and co-ordinated approach to study the flow of goods and services from raw material suppliers to the final customer. This product flow will be reviewed from a global perspective, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of the international business process.

“Sembada Pratama has helped me gain huge knowledge on the most hands-on supply chain and logistics optimization. The team of lecturers are from the country’s best in Supply Chain and Logistics Management.  Their global perspective has helped me in my decision-making and solved issues in my work.”

....Ihwan Idamin, Danone Aqua

As a student in this program you will be given the opportunity to go on field trips and network with members of the Indonesia Logistics Association (ALI), Supply Chain and Logistics Management and other industry professionals. You will learn using hands-on interactive methods, including case-studies – making your experience relevant and applied.

As a student of The SEMBADA PRATAMA Supply Chain and Logistics School we offer access to an unique range of benefits and unbeatable services designed to support you, personally and professionally, throughout your career.

In keeping with the school's tight integration with business, our students have the opportunity to interact with corporate leaders during sessions of the Supply Chain Forum and other industry events that we organize.

Our Location

Kampus Sembada Pratama

Gedung UGM Samator

Pendidikan Lt 5

Jl Dr Saharjo 83

Jakarta Selatan

Tel/Fax. 021-3863936




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