We are recognized as the premier institution for professional learning focused on logistics and supply chain management. Our certification programs readies working professionals and fresh graduates to excel in the business environment.

We continually strive to provide a rigorous education and academic advising geared to each student's needs. In keeping with Sembada's tight integration with business, top undergraduates have the opportunity to interact with corporate leaders during special sessions that we organize from time to time.

Each of our programs have been painstakingly developed with industry members' needs in mind to ensure that our content and methods of delivery are in tune with marketplace needs. Our course design focuses on proven ideas, delivering results, and doing it all faster through a high-compression learning approach.

Our program content is driven by cutting-edge research, top-ranked programs, and industry-renowned faculty to provide excellent organizational solutions and an exceptional educational experience. We also partner with participants, other instutitions of higher leraning, organizations, and industries worldwide to transform organizations and deliver unparalleled value.

The following are our current list of programs:



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