Certified Supply Chain & Logistics Professional (CSLP)


About The Program

Increasingly driven by information technology and capabilities enhancement, the logistics industry in Indonesia has evolved to move beyond the widespread perception of mere warehousing operations and trucking.

This means that while the freight or transport personnel moves the goods, professional logisticians must be equipped with critical IT and supply chain management skills and knowledge so that they will be able to plan and coordinate the movement and storage of goods using information. To take logistics professionalism to greater heights, Sembada Pratama has developed the Certified Supply Chain & Logistics Professional certification programme.

CSLP certification provides a definitive standard for measuring and maintaining the competency and professionalism within the profession of logistics and supply chain management in Indonesia. CSLP certification exams are always relevant because they are continuously tested and revamped to reflect the most current industry trends. Our Qualification Review Board and Exam Board comprising logistics and transport professionals and senior professors from the academia review the applications and the exams, which allow us to always have a finger on the pulse.

Certification Benefits

It is a benchmark of excellence that will be earned by selected logistics professionals in Indonesia by pursuing this programme. This distinguished group of logisticians will get benefits such as:

Top management will readily identify you as a logistics professional with significant experience and knowledge to direct and administer logistics and supply chain management related decisions.
Valuable networking opportunities and the professional recognition from peers and employers.
Opportunity to test your professional skills against a defined benchmark.

This CSLP certification recognizes the functional interrelationships within the professional responsibilities of logisticians regardless of their occupational roles. It recognizes the professional stature and ethics of logisticians. Successful candidates will be awarded a specially designed certificate and be granted the designation of "Certified Supply Chain & Logistics Professional", which will be recognized by the industry. We are working on the professional certification will be recognized for credits in the Master's Degree program of leading local universities, as well as government recognition by Badan Nasional Sertifikasi Profesi (BNSP).

Content Coverage

Being a certification course targeted at professionals, our courses focus on learning that is transferable to the workplace.Our syllabus has strong emphasis on current case studies, realistic scenario analysis and modelling and study of industry best practices.The action plans developed are relevant, applicable and encourage on-going learning and development. You will be given tools and insights on conceptual and strategic framework to understand the how and why of supply chain issues and develop an understanding of the full spectrum of supply chain functions and how different parts/functions are connected and inter-related.

The following modules are currently represented in this program:

  • Supply Chain Management Fundamentals
  • Customer Accomodation
  • Purchasing Management
  • Transport Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Production Management

In addition to the above modules, students are encouraged to opt for the following electives:

  • Port Management
  • Courier Management
  • Maritime Transport

For more details on the program, you can download a pdf copy of the brochure below or contact our secretariat at Tel. 021-3841961 Ext 1293 or Fax.021-3863936
e-mail: marketing@sembadapratama.com


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